This Song's About A Girl I Hate

by Ben Lapidus

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released March 1, 2011



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Ben Lapidus New York, New York

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Track Name: Best Intentions - This Song's About A Girl I Hate
This will be the last time that I'll ever say goodbye 'cause if I never speak to you again, I can't fall for your lies. But now I'm taking what you took from me, I'm making my own luck. 'Cause guess what. I stole your wallet and I spent your 20 bucks. But you're probably too preoccupied with showing off your tits to guys to even realize that this song is about you. I don't wanna forgive. I don't wanna forget. I just want to regret that we met and every second we spent. So I hope you know just how much you mean to me. Nothing at all. You're a droplet in the sea. This is the sound of your lies that shook the ground and now it's all coming back around. I hope you're happy now. Did you ever think of me when you said you were out but you weren't, you were with him. And did you ever think you'd get away with it? When you lied to my face as you lied on my chest. I mean I know I'm no Jesse but I didn't deserve this. I didn't deserve it. I hope you're happy now. I hope you're sitting on your thrown up in the clouds. I hope you're happy now so it hurts that much more when you come crashing down to the ground. I hope the fall breaks your legs and you crawl back to him. I hope he leaves you in the dirt. I hope he leaves you for dead. And I hope you know you'll never make this right. I hope you spend a month in darkness searching hopelessly for light. And I hope you know just what it's like trapped inside that place. I hope that people you don't know shout these lyrics in your face. And every letter, every word, every line that they say becomes a ringing in your ears that just won't go away. And I hope this song sticks in your head and it drives you insane. I hope my words bore through your skull and lay eggs inside your brain. And I hope the pain is paralyzing and you just wanna die, but you can't move a muscle. You can't even cry. And you can't even stand to look at yourself. You can't bare the stench of the lies you dealt. Then maybe for a second, you'll feel how I felt.